“Our innovative beer line cleaning
process will save you time,
beer and money”

“Our innovative beer line cleaning
process will save you time,
beer and money”

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Cellar Value Solutions (CVS) is a privately owned company that provides an innovative beer line cleaning process to the hospitality industry.

We have drawn on international experiences to deliver a new process for cleaning beer lines. This has been rigorously tested locally, delivering outstanding results.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the hotel and club industries. This is complemented in delivering high quality service to our clients.


Cellar Value Solutions (CVS)  was launched in 2018 with the  purpose of delivering a 

sustainable 5 weekly  beer line cleaning cycle to the market.

CVS’s proven 5 weekly  cleaning cycle delivers  a colour change process that identifies how much or how little bacteria is in each line – allowing for line specific action, to get all lines to an optimal level of hygiene.

Since launching the business, the process has been embraced by leading pub and club groups in both New South Wales and Victoria. Business owners embrace the improved quality and substantial savings realised.


Rids the lines of any residual waste (which we measure and verify).

We then implement our process which involves chemical, inhibitors and a structured methodology to maximise the clean of the lines..

As venues can have different requirements, we initially assess the cellar and layout of lines to provide a tailored solution to our client.

Once agreed we then implement and usually find that a 5 week cleaning cycle works for most venues.


Sydney venue who cleans fortnightly that has 42 lines with each line holding approximately 6 litres 

Case Study  (Based on current client)


26 Cleans per annum

Beer wastage 246 litres x 26 cleans per clean = 6,398 litres – 135 kegs @ $300 =$38,376

Moving to CVS Model

10 cleans per annum

Beer wastage – 246 x 10 = 2,460 litres = 49.2 kegs x $300 = $14,760

Chemical – $4,760 

Labour – $1,790

Savings for Venue – $32,114


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