“Our innovative beer line cleaning
process will save you time,
beer and money”

“Our innovative beer line cleaning
process will save you time,
beer and money”

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Cellar Value Solutions (CVS) is a privately owned company that provides an innovative beer line cleaning process to the hospitality industry.

We have drawn on international experiences to deliver a new process for cleaning beer lines. This has been rigorously tested locally, delivering outstanding results.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the hotel and club industries. This is complemented in delivering high quality service to our clients.


Our innovative approach is a well structured cleaning process that initially rids the lines of residual buildup (which we can validate through our scientific testing process).

In our recent local testing, we found this to be a very common issue – even for those venues that clean weekly.

This residual was extracted straight after cleaning was done by a common cleaning agent.


Rids the lines of any residual waste (which we measure and verify).

We then implement our process which involves chemical, inhibitors and a structured methodology to maximise the clean of the lines..

As venues can have different requirements, we initially assess the cellar and layout of lines to provide a tailored solution to our client.

Once agreed we then implement and usually find that a 5 week cleaning cycle works for most venues.


A venue with 40 lines (average length of line 30 metres) Cleans weekly currently.

It loses 2.8 litres per line per clean = 112 litres lost (40 x 2.8)

= 1.9 kegs lost per clean (58.7 litres per Keg)

= 1.9 x $320 Per Keg = $608 per clean

$608 x 52 weeks = $31, 616 pa

With Cellar Value Solutions 5 week cleaning cycle

1.9 kegs lost every 5 weeks

Savings – 1.9 Kegs x 4 = $2,432 which

= $29,184 per annum saved by client

* doesna��t include current cleaning and on costs


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